Royal Danish Orchestra

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Selected images from “Faces of the orchestra”.
Solo show, Royal Opera House, Copenhagen, DK in 2012.

‘In 2012 Caroline Bittencourt worked for the orchestra of the Royal Danish Opera to create a new portfolio of promotional pictures. The emphasis was on creating natural photos that offered a contemporary edge without compromising on the orchestra’s ethos. This was achieved by combining analog photo techniques with a semi-documental approach where most photos were shot without the subjects being aware. “Faces of the Opera” was an exhibition that grew out of this work. More than 100 of the photos was selected and exhibited for several months at the Royal Danish Opera House. In 2015 the photos were used in the book “Royal Danish Orchestra – the Worlds oldest orchestral institution”.’

Nikon F100
Kodak TMax 400 Black and White Negative Film 35mm